“vday bites” mini-sessions

I'm calling these "VDay Bites," short and sweet (or spicy) sessions for that perfect gift for yourself or someone special (also available as a gift certificate). Or if you hate VDay, just think of it as "VDay BITES" and just get a really good deal. Because there ain't no entendre like a double entendre, amirite?

Limited time only — reserve before Feb 14!

what are mini-sessions like?

There's no substitute for the full Oaktown Boudoir experience — an unhurried day where we can fully explore what you want to express. However, a mini-session like this is a wonderful way to have a taste — or a bite — of what it's like to do boudoir with me. You'll get the same care and individualized attention that I give all my clients, and we'll do pre-session planning together just like with a full session. I'll make you a custom playlist and snack plate like with a full session, and you'll also get the code for 20% off at Pink Bunny (my favorite lingerie boutique). And I think you'll be surprised what a transformational shift even a brief session like this can have.

The main differences are that this session is much shorter (30 minutes instead of 3 hours); we'll use one setting of your choice in the studio (with a full session we do 5-6 settings either in the studio or in a home or hotel); and professional makeup and hair is not available onsite (but you can visit my makeup artist if you like).

Here's how your mini-session experience will go: After we set your session date and do some pre-session planning, on the day of your session you'll arrive makeup-ready, and we'll shoot for about 30 minutes in your choice of one of three settings in the studio:

Softly erotic boudoir image of a woman in a striking mesh bodysuit and tights, on her knees on a bed at night. Dramatic light illuminates her as her head is turned to the side, one hand up to her hair while the other is on her thigh.

Bedroom at night

Couples boudoir image with a woman and a man, both nude and smiling, holding hands as the woman embraces the man from behind.

Den in the Afternoon


French doors by moonlight

Don't be fooled by the names of these settings — any one of them can be created at any time of day. My clients tell me all the time how amazed they are at what I can do with lighting. (BTW that photo at the top is a "Den in the afternoon" shot as well.)

Your session can be as sweet or spicy as you wish. We'll do pre-session planning like usual to make sure we're capturing exactly what you want. Open to solo clients, couples, and small groups; just note that the length of the session will still be the same regardless.

After a short break, you'll be able to review your proof gallery of about 25 images and decide either to have your gallery in full resolution, or pick three of your images for me to finish for you. (There's also an option for both.) All images will be delivered digitally soon after your session. Other finished items such as prints, books, etc. are available as usual.

All of this for only $495 total! My usual minimum total package is $750, so this is a perfect opportunity to try out this amazing experience.

Gift certificate ready! Want someone special to have this experience? Give it as a gift certificate! I'll create a special customized graphic that you can print at home.

LIMITED TIME ONLY: Session can be anytime within six months of purchase, but the package must be purchased by February 14, 2024. And yes, sessions are available between now and Feb 14!

VDay Bites Package


30-minute session in single setting

Access to studio wardrobe and accessories included

20% off lingerie from Pink Bunny

Your choice of full-resolution proof gallery of 25 images OR three finished full-resolution images

Option for both: +200

A note about makeup and hair: those services are only included in a regular session. However, I can connect you with one of my makeup artists for an offsite makeup/hair appointment prior to your session if you desire.

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