the memories

Yes, it's the journey, not the destination. The memories you have from this experience will last a lifetime. But you'll return to these keepsakes again and again to remind you of what an amazing thing you did for yourself.

As with every other part of the Oaktown Boudoir experience, I put a tremendous amount of care and detail into your finished items.

Take books, for example. Before I added photography to the mix, my career was graphic design. So I design every book from scratch, assembling your favorite images into a fluid, cohesive whole that tells your unique story. And because I have control over every detail of your layout, I can easily bring in whatever messaging you want to incorporate or anything else that will make this one-of-a-kind book perfect for you.

The finishing I do on your images for your keepsakes is natural and subtle. At every step of this journey I want you to feel that it's really you in your images.

Ready to make these incredible memories? Let's talk about how to bring your visions to life. Contact me for a free consultation however works best for you. Click the button below to go to my inquiry form, or call/text me at 510-551-9018, or email me directly.