the journey

Let's address one thing right from the start: if you've never done anything like this before, you're in great company — most of my clients have never had any kind of professional photo session before, let alone something as bold as boudoir. I'm here to guide you along this journey and make sure you get everything out of it that you want.

Everyone's boudoir adventure is different — or at least that's how I approach it for my clients. I specialize in natural boudoir, with imagery that feels like the real you, though perhaps sides of you that may be (far) beneath the surface. Your images may range from delicate to dramatic, but each is imbued with your presence and emotions.

In preparation for your session, I take a lot of care to make sure I know exactly what you want to express in your photos. Getting to know you and finding out your style, preferences, and what sets you apart from other people helps me craft a session that is just right for you.

Your session itself will usually start with hair and makeup to your taste — natural to glam or anywhere in between — by one of my extremely talented makeup artists. Then we'll spend the next few hours creating your gorgeous images. Throughout the day you'll enjoy delicious refreshments and your favorite music, a playlist I've curated just for you.

People often describe boudoir as empowering, that it gives you self-confidence. I see it a little differently. Real, lasting empowerment and confidence comes from within. What I try to create is the space for you to give yourself permission to be fully yourself. When you're excited for and open to the experience (even if you're also a little nervous), transformation can happen, sometimes quite deeply.

However: not everyone's journey needs to be profound. You may just want some scorching photos — and that's more than ok. My only goal is to meet you where you are and make sure we capture images you absolutely love.

Finally, one more thing people don't often expect about a boudoir session: it's incredibly fun. If you tend to think of yourself as awkward in front of the camera, I promise all that will melt away in minutes. I'll give you all the posing direction you need or want. Once the session begins, you may be quite surprised how easy it really is and how much fun you're having.

Your adventure has begun. As you dream of your session to come, journey on to find some images to inspire you.