Cheshire's studio is open, bright, and filled with possibilities. He can transform the space to fit any personality and style. In a matter of minutes (just enough time to refill a wine glass), his studio can go from a brightly lit angelic state to a dark, sexy, and sultry one.


the studio

We designed and built our gorgeous studio specifically with boudoir in mind. The main room looks like a contemporary home with abundant natural light, but even during the brightest time of day it can transform into the look of a luxurious bedroom at midnight. We have so many textures and colors throughout the studio to inspire you. You'll be delighted by the way we can transform the space to your desire.

studio location

The studio is located at 1902 Park Blvd, in the Ivy Hill neighborhood of Oakland near Lake Merritt. Parking is usually easy, as is taking Lyft from the Lake Merritt BART station. Want to see the studio in person before your session? Absolutely! But by appointment only, please.

studio rentals

Yes! The studio is available for rental for your own use. Though obviously we designed it for gorgeous boudoir imagery, we also use it for other types of portraits, fashion, food, catalog, and more. Plus it's even usable as a meeting place for small groups. See all the options here.


Don't be fooled by the studio and its small appearance from the outside. Inside is amazing. The studio has many different rooms and Cheshire is able to recreate any backdrop you envision.