Black and white abstract boudoir image of a woman leaning back in a chair with one hand cupping her breast and the other playing with her hair. She's laughing, and her hair is covering her eyes. An image that encourages you to celebrate yourself with boudoir imagery.

Yes, you do deserve to celebrate yourself

Sometimes what holds someone back from doing a boudoir session is a worry that it’s vanity to do one. But I think boudoir is anything but vain. Plus I reveal what I have in common with Laurence Fishburne.

Unique boudoir image of an Asian-American woman laying on her back on a sofa, her curly black hair falling over the side. She's wearing just a cozy white sweater that matches her fingernails. She later described her personalized boudoir experience as "life-changing."

Unique boudoir: it’s all about you

In my first blog entry, I get right to the heart of what I strive for as a photographer — it’s all about you and creating your unique boudoir experience.